To the Unloved Daughter

Notes from your Inner Mother

Danu Morrigan

978 0 232 53382 8
Paperback |224 pp |178 x 110 mm
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Your mother did not love you as she should have – because of her alcoholism, or her narcissism, or her absence, or her mental illness, or for any number of possible reasons.

None of them are your fault, but all of them are your burden.

Whatever the reason, it has left unsaid so much that you should have heard from your mother –advice, support, compliments, validation, encouragement and so much more.

These Notes From Your Inner Mother are your chance to ‘hear’ them all now. They are what a loving mother would say.

They’re what you need and deserve to hear.

They’re designed to read as if they’re from your own inner mother, the part of you who is your own wise mother to yourself. This wisdom and love is accessible to you through your quietness and attention, and these notes are from that place of healing and kindness.

‘I read the notes every day and I appreciate them more than words can say. It has helped me to understand what a real healthy mother and daughter relationship should be.’ LC , Ontario

‘Your short notes have been food for the soul ….’ MT, Lisbon, Portugal

‘The note series has been uplifting and heart-breaking at the same time, but has led me to a better inner dialogue.’ ED, Oregon

‘Your notes are like my daily prayer. Each one for that day has a direction pertaining to me.’ MS, Arizona

Danu Morrigan is the founder and owner of the website and forum daughtersofnarcissisticmothers.com, which gives information and support. This has given her a unique insight into the antics of narcissistic mothers and the effects on their long-suffering daughters. She is author of the bestselling book You’re Not Crazy, It’s Your Mother.
ISBNs: 9780232533828 978-0-232-53382-8 Title: to the unloved daughter